Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities.

This declaration of rights and responsibilities originates based on the Principles of Acces-O and contains the conditions of use that govern our relationship with users and anyone interacting with the Acces-O network. By using Acces-O you hereby agree to this declaration, which is constantly updated as seen on the amendment section below.


Your privacy is of great importance to us. We have designed our Policy of Use to help you fully understand how you can use Acces-O to share information with others and to let you know how we collect and use the information provided. We encourage you to read our data use policy and make decisions based on it

Sharing Content and information

You are the rightful owner of any and all information entered in Acces-O, and you can control how it is shared through the privacy and application settings. Also:

  1. For content protected by intellectual property rights (IP from now on), such as photographs or videos, you are granting us the following permission in accordance with the privacy and application settings: a non-exclusive license, transferable, with sub licensing rights, copyright free and globally applicable for any IP published on Acces-O or Acces-O connection (IP license). This IP license is terminated when you eliminate content from Acces-O or eliminate your Acces-O account. However this is not the case when you have shared information with third parties which haven’t removed it.
  2. When you eliminate any IP content, it functions in a similar fashion to your computer’s recycling bin, it is requested that you understand that this content might still remain existent in security and backup copies for a reasonable amount of time (not available to third parties).
  3. When making use of an application, this might request permission to access your content and information, as well as any content and information other have shared with you. We demand that these applications respect your privacy, and the manner in which applications use, store and transfer your information is defined by your agreement with them. (For more information on our platform, including the way other people share information with applications, read our Data Use Policy and the platform page).
  4. Any comments or suggestions about Acces-O are always welcome, but we can make use of them without any obligation to compensate you (just as you are not obligated to offer any).

Account Security and Registration

Acces-O users provide their actual names and personal information, and we need your cooperation to keep it that way. These are some of the commitments that you are accepting in relation to the registration and maintenance of your account:

  1. You will not provide false information nor create another account without permission.
  2. You will not create more than ONE account.
  3. If your account is disabled, you will not create a new account without our permission.
  4. You will keep your contact information accurate and up to date.
  5. You will not share your password (or secret password in case of developers) and will not let anyone access your account or do anything that might compromise its security.
  6. You will not transfer your account (included any page or application you manage) to anyone without our written permission.

Special Dispositions Regarding Software

  1. If you download our software as an independent product or a plug-in for your browser, you are accepting that improvements, updates and additional features will be downloaded periodically with the goal of developing and improving it.
  2. You will not modify our source code or use it for derived works, such as decompiling or attempting to extract said source code, except on explicit cases allowed by open source licence or written permission from Acces-O.


  1. Unless a change is made for legal or administrative reasons, or to correct an incorrect declaration, you are given seven (7) days to refer your comments about changes in the Declaration.
  2. If changes are made to the policies referred to in this Declaration or any policies incorporated to it, we are allowed to indicate so on our page.
  3. Continued use of Acces-O following any changes made to our Terms and Conditions signifies full acceptance of these amendments.